Q&A: frequently asked questions

What´s included in the costs?

Good question! 100€/song sounds pricey when you´re “only” looking for someone for the ceremony.

But you´re not paying per song per se but the whole effort – starting with my offer to the last strum on my guitar.

It includes:

  • Your inquiry – my offer and going through all the fine-tuning afterwards
  • Feedbacks and consultations on how/where to add music to your ceremony
  • Choosing/recommending songs and learning them (learn chords, transpose if necessary, interpret individually…)
  • Recording your song as a back-up, in the improbable event of losing my voice
  • Writing your very own song (if you wish so)
  • Maintaining & setting up the sound system (about 1-2h before your ceremony)
  • Proper attire

The day belongs to you only – I´m at your service.

I´m well aware of the importance of music during your wedding. I want to make sure it all runs smoothly. Therefore: Preparation is key to make sure that your love can shine unhindered on the best day of your life.

Do you use half-playback? Or “That´s why I sing live only.”

When I sing live, I can adjust to the situation organically – the bride enjoys every step down the aisle > no worries, I add another chorus or instrumental.

She can´t wait to be with her groom? > No worries, I shorten the song accordingly.

The reception is so beautiful – there are so many nice words to say, hugs to share, tears to dry…


Everyone´s in a rush because they need to get to the next location on time where you have more time together to chat and dance – easy, I can shorten oder extend my set according to the circumstances. I come prepared.

Another bonus: I can adjust or influence the atmosphere by picking, strumming, lifting or lowering my voice&guitar. Whatever the atmosphere requires.

I´m attentive and can regulate accordingly.

A playback-instrumental starts and finishes at a certain time and wouldn´t give me the room to work with the situation at hand.

Do you sing German or english songs?

Both – check the “audio/video”-section (insert Link to “Hörproben”)

Can you play the piano as well?

My main instrument at weddings is my guitar.

BUT there is a possibility that I can accompany myself on a keyboard. (It could sound like this.)

Don´t hesitate to ask.

What´s on your songlist – classics or charthits?

I can sing both – even the hidden gems that don´t reach Top1 in the Billboard 🙂

If you want classics only or an up-beat ceremony is all up to you!

A mix of both has proven just perfect for most couples.

Hallelujah or Amazing grace when the bride comes in or a personally picked song after the vows (or instead of the spoke vows!), a lifting song by Jason Mraz e.g. to close up. We will find the right mix together.

I sing christian songs as well.

We don´t have a song (yet).

I write your song for you.

With a melody of your choice or a whole new song. (Link to Hörproben)

If you like the idea. Get in touch with me.

What if you fall sick?

In the unlikely event that I lose my voice on your wedding day, I´ll have a recording of all your songs for the ceremony which you can use – so you won´t have to get used to a new voice and interpretation of another singer.

Unplugged or amplified?

Both. It´s all about your venue.

I can sing unplugged in a church/venue with less than 25 people. More people would require at least a little amplification. If you´re wedding takes place outdoors and/or with more people I highly recommend an amplification so everyone can hear and feel the atmosphere like the front row does.

By the way – the equipment is included in my package deals.

Do you only sing at weddings in Berlin?

No. I live in Berlin but you can book me nationwide.

Can we book you for any weekday?

Yes! Most weddings take place around the weekend but I can sing for you any day of the week.